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Are you an automotive dealer?Planning on adding a web lead provider to up your sales?

Although has many reviews on their website like most generic providers they talk themselves up to be the leading innovator. Their software is 10 years if not more in the past without autosave features and are uncompatable with programs like microsoft word. Their customer service is horrid, slow and don't account for their mistakes. I have been using their website for about a year now and after they deleted every website comment iv made overnight they continually surprise to amaze me.

I thought it could not get worse when they deleted a months worth of work and hundereds of hours of typing.. They continue to delete changes i make to the website on a daily basis.

Do not add this company as a lead provider..A chimpanzee could design better automotive software, and you receive better customer service at your local Mc'donalds.

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Hey there Pmallo64,

I'm the Director of Digital Marketing at Sorry to hear that you are so frustrated, that is, of course, not our goal. I would like the opportunity to discuss these comments with you directly, as I feel there are some things here that could be rectified very easily. Below is my contact info, feel free to reach out:


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